Business cards custom paperweights

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Custom Tumblers

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Give your boss thoughtful custom gifts in the form of personalized paperweights from Shutterfly. From informal to playful, Shutterfly has the perfect creative photo gift for every occasion. Granite Paperweights Our exclusive New Hampshire granite paperweights can be displayed with pride in home or office.


Choose from five different military branches. We have personalized business card holders, ball point engraved pen sets, personalized memo pad holders, engraved clocks, personalized letter openers, etc.

Business Card Holders

All these items can be personalized with a logo or engraved with a monogram. Our blank business card design templates are available in both horizontal and vertical layouts with four different edge finishes, so you can print custom business cards that are as unique as your brand.

Get started with our free online design tool today!

Custom Printed Paperweights

Paperweight Awards Crown Awards is America's largest null trophy manufacturer. Whether you need a null trophy, null medal, null plaque or more, our null awards.

music notes business cards Weigh Down Your Papers with Paperweights A glass paperweight is a weighted object used to keep papers from moving around or blowing away.

Business cards custom paperweights
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