Jetblue airlines business plan

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Getting Around MCO

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Annual Reports

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JetBlue Airways

Southwest Airlines Corporate Travel can help your company's bottom line. Our Corporate Sales Team will work with you, the travel decision maker, to identify your goals and needs and to seek out ways in which Southwest can help you obtain solutions for your travel-related goals.

The Airbus A () Transcontinental is the newest member of the JetBlue fleet. The fuselage has been made longer in comparison to JetBlue's popular A, allowing for the accommodation of additional passengers.

WestJet, JetBlue founder commits to $4B aircraft deal for new airline

JetBlue Airways Corp. said Thursday, Oct. 19,that the company will stop selling tickets on a dozen discount travel websites in hopes of driving customers to the airline's site and reducing. JetBlue Airways, stuck in its third straight year lagging the airline industry’s share returns, is looking to boost earnings by expanding in three key cities and selling more travel services.

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Jetblue airlines business plan
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